The Cosmic House

A new museum needed a logo design and brand identity that is instantly identifiable with its creator and would work across its print output.

  • Art direction
  • Logo design
  • Print

The Cosmic House is a private museum based in the residence of the late Charles Jenckes, the architectural historian,  landscape gardener and founder of Maggie’s Cancer Centres.

A new institution, it needed a brand identity that reflected both Jenckes’s visionary heritage and the reflective nature of a museum. CHK used an iconic architectural motif created by Jencks himself, as inspiration for the logo. The lettering part of the logo is from the same period as the house itself. The two parts work seamlessly as a standalone unit to reflect the museum and the house. The muted colour brand palette was drawn from textiles, wallcoverings and materials used throughout the house. Alongside the logo, CHK designed a whole range of applications for The Cosmic House.  

It is a mark of any icon that it should be open to iconoclasm"
Charles Jencks