Laura Imami

A conceptual branding project between Laura Imami and CHK Design that saw the two studios working in collaboration to bring the former’s visual identity in line with its directional frames. 

  • Branding
  • Art direction
  • Visual identity
  • Web design

Starting from the position that a pair of Laura Imami frames are instantly recognisable as belonging to the brand, CHK developed a visual-identity that reflects its agenda-setting position in the luxury sphere. This collaborative, conceptual branding project saw CHK working closely with the founder of the eponymous label to develop the creative direction and brand position, as well as creating a new logo and completely overhauling the website. As part of the creative concept of the site, a new approach to campaigns sees a move away from traditional models to focus instead on the creatives who form part of Laura Imami’s inner circle.

The introduction of The Journal, as concepted by CHK, further gives the label a space to demonstrate its core values of creativity and authenticity. CHK will continue to curate The Journal, hand-selecting talent from across the creative industries – from architecture to music – who are genuine fans of the brand and embody its unique position and directional approach.

Art Direction
Portraits and Product Photography

Logo and Mark Design

Art Direction

Shop and Shop Design

Journal Editing
Contents Creation

Outdoor Campaign

Project Credits

Damian James

Benedikt Frank

David Jenewein

Raffaello Lupperger

Hair & make up
Rachel Shepherd

Still life
Ilya Krylov

Website copy
Miriam Bouteba

Veronica Simpson