Acme Fonts Collection

Acme Fonts is an integrated part of CHK Design. Acme Fonts is a font foundry, offering fonts by Christian Küsters and other designers such as Anthony Burrill, Dirk Wachowiak, Anne Wehebrink and Paul Wilson.

Acme Fonts believes that type, as a medium, 'can be pushed beyond its hitherto accepted role – can be consciously loaded with cultural signifiers, which might then run in visual parallel with verbal content; a type as commentary.'

The name of the foundry itself developed out of this preoccupation with the subtle mechanisms of language. Acme literally means highest point of perfection, which is in complete contrast to its universal use to signify the opposite through a thousand-and-one Acme Laundry vans and the like.

Typical of Acme’s 'project-based' design approach is AF Metropolis, an experimental 3D font, designed by Christian Küsters and Paul Beavis.