Restart: New Systems in Graphic Design

Authorship & design

Designed and co-authored by Christian Küsters and published by Thames & Hudson, Restart is an overview of where graphic design is going, presenting a radical body of work that is redefining the nature and scope of design practice. The introduction establishes the creative and design background against which this new work is emerging.

The work of over 35 international studios form the book’s core presented in three categories: 'Code' shows how designers are shedding the restraints imposed on them by using the computer as a tool to become creative programmers, thereby discovering worlds of extreme beauty; 'Generic' showcases designers who manipulate the ordinary and everyday to produce projects that are offbeat and refreshing, yet strangely familiar; 'Disjunction' features work that aims to provoke and to question, to advance a designer’s particular agenda, whether political, social, aesthetic or even personal.

The book formed the basis for the Design Now – Graphics exhibition at the Design Museum, London. The actual design of this book is naturally based on systems: it is published in (paper format system) A4 and uses the first system font, Univers.