#getinframe for Outdoor Plus

Billboard campaign

‘For four weeks this summer, roadside advertising specialists Outdoor Plus gave a small group of participants from Central Saint Martins the chance to reach an audience of millions,' writes graphic designer and writer Alex Cameron in Eye magazine.

Christian Küsters worked on this campaign as art director with his students on the MA Communication Design at Central Saint Martins College.

#getinframe is an innovative digital advertising campaign feeding digital billboards in real time. The client – Outdoor Plus – briefed the designers to fully explore the potential of large-format digital advertising billboards in four central London locations. They were given four weeks to engage with a new audience (ultimately engaging with them on a new online platform - which feeds back onto the billboards).

The aim of the #getinframe project was to challenge designers to rethink outdoor advertising in order to engage an audience in new ways and to draw them from the billboard to social media in order to fully engage with them.

You can read Alex Cameron’s entire article on Eye magazine’s blog here.