Aspex gallery

Branding & print material

CHK was asked to design the new visual identity for Aspex gallery in Portsmouth. The new identity became an integral part of this contemporary art gallery’s move into its new premises, in the heart of the city’s harbour area.

The logo – like the gallery itself – consists of two rows of nine columns each. The gallery areas defined by the columns are colour-coded mirroring the logo. The logo thus truly represents and identifies the gallery (space). The lettering is based on a font first used in a William Caslon IV type-specimen book that dates from 1820s around the same time as the gallery building itself.

The identity is being used in various applications, from the 3D interior signage to its 2D format in the gallery brochure. CHK also collaborated with Glenn Howells Architects to integrate the logo into the large entrance door so that it doubles as a signpost that is illuminated at night.